Friday, July 07, 2006

Two Minutes' Silence

We're still not afraid.

But we will always remember.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

That's got to hurt

Our mate Lee is a bit mad. Man-Lee as he is called (to differentiate him from Woman-Lee and Fami-Lee) looks suspiciously like Beavis (or is it Butthead?), is a dedicated martial arts expert with a bad back, wife to Fi, and father to Fred & Barney. With another child on the way, the jury is out as to whether the new addition will be called Pebbles or Bam-Bam.

To add further to his lunacy, Lee has now decided to do a sponsored bike ride. My idea of being sponsored to do something was my epic 5km Race for Life a few years ago, but Lee has gone one further.

"The 2006 Tour L'Etape is a testing 116 mile Alpine adventure based in the Alps starting at Gap and finishing at the top of the legendary climb of Alpe D'Huez..."

Lee says, "Somehow, Bill persuaded me that this would be a good idea - before the course details were available. I was especially pleased to note that this year's course finished at the top of a very steep hill, where previous versions had a long whizz down at the end. C'est la vie!

"It will probably take about 10 hours so dig deep!Cancer Research UK is a good, self-interested choice - most of my deceased relatives had one form or another, so hopefully they'll find a cure."

Cancer Research UK is my favourite charity too so if you have a spare tenner floating around, log onto and pledge some money for the cause. He promises not to take the escape van no matter how tough it gets!