Monday, June 21, 2004

Summer Solstice 2004

In true British style, Midsummer's Day has started out quite chilly thank you very much. At least one person I know had the central heating on last night, and I certainly had the car heater on full this morning.

But Stonehenge didn't let us down. Despite a heavy dew and clouds obscuring the sun, dawn rose majestically over the ancient rocks. More than 21,000 people assembled to see the sun rise on summer solstice morning.

Saturday, June 19, 2004

A Christening and a Reunion

One weekend in June I travelled down to my old home town Maidstone in Kent, for the christening of the third offspring of my old friends Denis and Lizzie. Denis and I were in University College Dublin together, along with the rest of the core group – Joe Dalton, Brian Costello, Paul Curran, Michael Ward, Conor Byrne, and Colin McDonnell, with Manu Pillai joining the gang halfway through.

Denis, Brian and I worked together in Maidstone for several years, and they both got nabbed by local women. Brian still lives there with his wife Alison and their kids Ryan and Kara (in a great big posh house I might add). Denis, on the other hand, convinced Lizzie to move back to the wilds of the Donegal Gaeltacht with him, where they live with their three children, Sam, Eilis and bay RĂ³ise.

So Roise was christened in Maidstone on the family’s way to France on holiday. A lovely ceremony was held in the church where Biran and Ali got married about 100 years ago. Brian (god help us all) was godfather to this poor unsuspecting child. Afterwards we all met up in a local church hall to eat food, drink wine and catch up.Turns out there is a rash of ceremonies happening this year.

Paul Curran gets married to the lovely Carmel in a couple of weeks in Wicklow (photos to follow I promise). And Colin McDonnell has been snared by a beautiful Galway woman, we hear, and the nuptials are occurring in October. Looks like 2004 is turning into a great year for a reunion and a few beers!

Like Father.....

Like Sons!!!! Personally I think it is scary how Brian and Denis (above) have passed on their genes to sons Ryan and Sam

I managed to herd the Costello clan to gether for one nice photo but failed to do so for the five wild Ferrys.

If you are reading this and are thinking of your old school or college mates, pick up the phone (or click on your mouse) and get in touch now. You’ll never guess what they’ve been up to…