Saturday, July 31, 2004

Paul Curran marries Carmel Bennett

On Friday 16 July 2004, my dear friend Paul from UCD days married the beautiful Carmel Bennett in Sallynoggin Church. So what better excuse for a bit of a reunion? Joe Dalton and Elva came, and Michael Ward flew in especially from Idaho with wife Kris. Orlando and I made the trip too and it turned out to be a hell of a day.

The church ceremony was lovely, and Carmel looked radiant as she walked up the aisle to her fate. Paul looked so handsome in his formal outfit, and although he insisted that his calm exterior belied the turmoil within, he looked pretty happy to me!

The reception was at the Marriott at Druid's Glen in Newtownmountkennedy, starting with a champagne reception and a coin toss between Joe and Elva to see who was the designated driver.... they took a cab in the end! The menfolk did seem to find the Guinness even more palatable than the champagne too...

We tried taking a photo of the women's fabulous eyes - me with brown, Elva with deep blue, and Kris with iridescent green... but I'm afraid all you can see is our amazing beauty in this shot!

It was so great to catch up, and the bride and groom were not shy in rambling about during the reception, gossiping and generally getting to spend time with their guests. The speeches were perfect - sentimental, funny and not too long - and I have to say the food and wine were fantastic.

The night was a long one, especially for Michael and Kris who had flown in on a 20-hour marathon that morning and had yet to sleep. This did not stop Kris from becoming the queen of the dancefloor before spiralling finally into a deep sleep on Michael's shoulder at about 2am.

All in all, it was so good to get together for such a fantastic occasion. I will admit to a few happy tears toward the end of the evening, as I saw how happy Paul was. And now I can rest - all my "five boys" nicely married off to women with good prospects. I can do no more for them!