Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Girls vs Women - Update

So, we women don’t mind being called girls if the context is right. Or, Bonnie Grier had her knickers in a twist, and the whole thing was political correctness gone mad.

The final result of last week’s poll on Girls vs. Women was a dead heat in favour of these two opinions, and only a small minority thought being called a girl was something to be offended by. Great to see that the women who read this website have their heads firmly screwed on, and their senses of humour in place.

Favourite comments included:

“The term 'girl' can only be seen as condescending if the receiver sees it thus….Have you ever heard a man complain about being called a 'lad' ? Or 'one of the BOYS' ?” (Mena from Melbourne)

“I was going to rant about this harridan's inability to notice that she's living in a different country to the US, and that she should cease the usual American practice of trying to homogenise every "foreign" country into a facsimile of the land of the free as a means of causing less confusion in her tiny little brain.” (Nick from London)

“I think I'll reserve the title 'woman' to when I have earned it...hopefully sometime in my future when I am wiser and can reflect on a more fuller and more participatory life !!! Until then I remain happy to be called 'girl' Go Girl! Be proud, be fearless and live life!” (Mel from London)

Thanks for the great debate all!